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Remove Mold Mildew And Fungal Contamination in Your Basement

How to Remove and Prevent Mold the Effective Way

Know how to deal with molds and the ways to remove and prevent them. In order to effectively remove mold inside your basement, you’ll need to find the source of the problem. Basement mold cleaning is a horrendous problem.

If left alone for too long, a basement can become an infestation place for mold. Basement mold cleaning is all about finding the source, and then making sure the mold problem does not come back again.

Remove basement mold

When dealing with basements, there is a huge problem because they are underground, and humid, and a dark place. In most cases, mold does seep into the basement because of the elevation, that it is under the house. In a basement, it is usually warm and has a good potential for mold growth. To kill the black mold and fungus, read on.

Black mold is usually found around your perimeter wall and on the wood ceilings and pilings. If you have black mold on the wood of your basement, then you will need to use a wire brush and a natural cleaning product to remove the black mold. In a basement mold cleaning project, you will have to use a strong natural cleaning product that can remove black mold, and also prevent it from coming back. In most cases with basements, many contractors will remove the black mold and mildew. But what they will forget about is preventing it from coming back.

Since a basement is warm and usually humid, you are going to need to find the source of the problem. After you find the source of the problem, make sure you decrease humidity levels, and also increase air flow of the basement. Resolve moisture problem by taking out any water or damaged goods from a moisture intrusion event. Most importantly, the source of the water accumulation must be identified and fixed or fungal growth will continue to occur.

If you experienced severe flooding or a water leak, then you want to remove or pump out the standing water, followed by drying the area. You may want to use fans and dehumidifiers if the area is really wet. When dealing with mold inside the basement, be sure to protect yourself and use natural products that will not damage the material or yourself.

A basement can be a difficult place to work in. Be sure to have proper mold PPE equipment and proper products to use when cleaning your basement. Seal off the air conditioning vents, and also any openings that will release spores into other parts of the house. Try to keep humidity levels low, and circulate the air throughout the entire basement.

After using a natural mold cleaning product to remove basement mold and fungal contamination and removing any mold from the wood or carpeting inside your basement, be sure to use an air blower to catch spores that have been liberated into the air from the work.

The quicker you address the problem, the less extensive the damage will be since it may only take 24 to 48 hours for toxic mold to germinate and grow. Prompt remediation of contaminated areas and materials should be the primary response to water intrusion and to indoor fungal growth.

By Markus Skupeika
Published: 12/21/2007

"I Witnessed First Hand What Mold Will Do If you Do Not Correctly Handle It…"

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