Black Mold Removal: What Does Black Mold Look Like?

When learning ways to remove black mold, it helps to be able to identify it.

Black mold removal - what can be doneThis article talks about what black mold can look like and what you can do to get rid of mold in the household.

What Does Black Mold Look Like?

Black mold problem is a serious issue.

Black molds and mildews often lead to severe health troubles.

VIDEO About Toxic Mold In A House And What It Looks Like

The problem becomes worse when people fail to identify molds in their home. The article discusses some basic facts about molds and mildews.

Molds are nothing but living organism of fungi group. They obtain nutrition from dead organic substances. Molds grow on organic matters and then decompose the matter to form simpler organic materials and obtain energy for living as well.

They metabolize the food and produce excrements. Excretory products are responsible for stains found on mold infested substances. If mold is not taken care of at right time, they would not only spread allergy, but spoil your properties like furniture, carpets, walls, clothes, leather goods, curtains and fabrics.

Hence, the mold cleaning products used to kill molds should be able to de-stain the substances and remove mold spots effectively. While purchasing mold cleaning products one must check if the product can remove stains or not.

As mentioned before, molds can grow on any organic substance like wood products, clothes, leather goods, wallpaper, adhesives used on wallpapers, carpets, and surprisingly on concrete walls even. Substances with high cellulose content are preferred by molds and mildews.

What Is Black Mold & How Can It Be Stopped?

The best way to save your house and household things from becoming food of black molds and mildews, you need to keep your home dry all the time. If any incident of leak, overflow or flood happens, it should be taken care of timely and the places need to be dried off fast.

Mold spores enter into houses by air and or by being carried by human beings. It is always better to leave shoes out of the house. Since shoes are made of leather they show a tendency to nurture molds. And mold spores often get stuck to the shoes when we walk along lawns, gardens or roads. So shoes must be kept in a separate place and must be cleaned periodically.

The clothes must be washed after coming back home. They are also good carriers of mold spores and reported to be responsible for substantial black mold growth in houses.

What do molds look like?

Molds can look black, white, gray, greenish or brownish. They may appear velvety, cottony or granular. Toxic black molds appear as black specks and that is why they are called black molds.

Toxic black molds produce mycotoxins while metabolizing obtained food. Mycotoxins are not good for human health.

Watch This Great Video Called Black Mold In The Attic

The mold species Stachybotrys chartarum generates mycotoxins and known as toxic black molds.

All other types of molds are not harmful in that sense. However, airborne mold spores and hyphal fragments can always result in respiratory troubles for human beings.

Though toxic black molds appear as black spots, molds are microscopic organisms and not visible to unaided eye. Once molds form colonies, they become visible and the after effects begin.

Mold colonies are basically an interconnected network of multi-cellular filaments known as hyphae. Mold colonies do not contain any discrete organisms; the network of hyphae is called as mold colony, sometimes molds only.

How To Remove Molds? What Kills Mold Effectively?

Take away the conditions that help molds to grow and amplify – that’s the best mold removal process. Now you cannot remove all the organic substance from your home, that’s impossible. But you can ensure that your home remains dry all the time. If some cases of dampening happen, you must put the effort required to dry it out.

If black molds and mildews have already grown in your home, try natural mold cleaning products to kill molds permanently.

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    I used to have black mold on my bedroom wall. The source was the gutters which needed to be cleaned out. Once I cleaned them out, I wiped the mold away and then left a dehumidifier on in the room for a few days and that sorted it out.

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    Million thanks for sharing your expertise on mold removal with the readers. When it is winter, I find my furniture and wooden artifacts getting decomposed and produce a pungent smell around. I have a 2 year old toddler baby, so I need to be careful when she treads through the places as they are not just allergic, but also poisonous.
    Thanks for the tips on preventing black mold.

  5. Chris@Huronia

    This thing is starting to take over my house. In my case the problem comes from the basement. I guess if you have moisture in the basement, it can go to the upper levels from there. I try to keep my basement dry, but still the walls are wet nearly all the time. Anyways, I have to do something about it. Thanks for all the tips and information, this is a very helpful and a must know for every house hold. Regards, Chris.

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    Black mold mildew are often usually found on humid areas. The best way to eliminate them is find out where they are coming from. The hardest part in cleaning these pesky molds is when they are lodged in your ventilation system.

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    I have a ceiling which is made of an ordinary plywood, for almost a year there was this black spots on it. I thought it was an accumulation of dust. I got a damp cloth and wipe it but it seems it stick on the plywood. Now after reading your post just knew it was a black mold. Thanks for giving out information about it. I have never taken it seriously until I’ve read this. Thanks for giving out information such as this. I have to do something about it since it is beside my kids playroom.

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